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Where do the buses leave from?
Answer: The Tourist Office in Kalmar, Färjestaden and Borgholm.

How long will I be at the festival?
Answer: I will leave at 18:00 and are returned at 23:00.

How long am I sitting on the bus?
Answers: maximum of one hour.

Should I bring food and drink?
Answer: No, food and drink can be baught when you come to the festival.

Can I pay on the bus?
Answer: Yes, You can pay on the bus but its best to book your ticket.
Call 070-6084049

What happens when I get there?
Answer: Music from all corners of the world's, the outside atmosphere, Local food, art and photo exhibition, festival

Are there disabled facilities?
Answer: yes disabled toilets are at each place.

Am I going to have a good night?
Answer: YES

Varje kväll utgår bussen ifrån turistbyråerna
Borgholm kl. 18:00 tillbaka samma kväll kl. 23:00
Kalmar kl. 18:00 tillbaka 23:00
Färjestaden, Brofästet. kl. 18:20 tillbaka kl. 22:40


Stefan Sundstöm spelar
i YellowBox trädgård.
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