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Musicans participating in the residency "Hemlig Festival"

Lamine Cissokho, Senegal - Kora

Lamine Cissokho grew up in Casamance a region in Southern Senegal well-known for its rich culture of musical traditions. He is a descendant of the Mandingue griot family, a family of famous musicians whose traditions date back to the 15th century. Each family member helps preserve their musical inheritance by passing down their musical talents and gifts to the next generation. Lamine‘s father is t...he professional kora player, Sana Cissokho, and his mother is the singer, Fatoumata Drame from Casamance. Lamine and his siblings have been singing and playing kora and other traditional West African instruments with their father since childhood. The kora became Lamine‘s main instrument early in his musical career. Since the age of 10, Lamine has played in many different groups and today, he is a well-known kora player. He has lived in Falun,Sweden since 2001.

In Sweden he has played with musicians such as Toumani Diabaté, Maria Jonsson, Ian Carr, Anders Nygards, Baba Blues and the Ale Möller Band. He has played at the Urkultfestivalen several times and he continues to work as a musician in Dalateatern, Senegal. He also writes his group‘s musical compostions.


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Liliana Zavala - Percussion
Liliana Zavala was born in Córdoba, Argentina and since her youth she's had a great interest for arts. Music was an important part of this interest, witch eventually grew into her priority.17 years old she started playing as a participant in a percussionist classes for women, to work in adirect way as a musician in diferent projects within Argentine folk music, Latinamerican folklore, salsa, rock, latin jazz, world and modern music.In 2001 she recieved an UNESCO art grant to study Cuban percussion at ISA (Instituto Superior deArte) in Havanna, Cuba. She studied there investigating theory of Cuban music, religion and theinstrumentation of Cuban percussion. She resides most of the year in Stockholm and also in Argentina where she also works with localartists and her personal project Tamboreras, which aims to promote and publicize the work of percussion from and for women.In Sweden she has performed with artists such as: Hector Binger & the latin lovers, MarieFredriksson, Thomas Gylling, Simone Moreno, Magnus Lindgren, Wille Cradford, StockholmVodou Orchestra, among others.She was also a part of the well recognized band FEVER RAY, ( by Karin Drejer -The Knife). With FEVER RAY Liliana took part in the tour 2009-2010 throughout Europe, USA and Canada, she also took part in the recording of the CD/DVD "Fever Ray Live in Luleå 09" and the track "TheWolf" made for the Warners Bros. movie “Red ridding Hood” directed by Catherine Hardwicke(director of Twilight, Thirteen).


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Áine Whelan, Ireland - Song
Áine Whelan has recorded and performed all over the world with many different artists including Van Morrison, Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), and Brian Kennedy. Comfortable in any style, she is renowned for her vocal arrangements and performances for many BBC and RTE television series. Áine was nominated for Tatler Magazine's Irish Woman Of The Year Award in 2005 for her solo album 'Between The Moon And Mercury', her songwriting debut. She also featured in a Canadian documentary-drama which was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the same year. Don't Mind The Rain is Áine's second album, her debut album, the critically acclaimed Between The Moon And Mercury, was released in 2005.


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Josep-Maria Ribelles, Catalonien - Harp
Traditional Music of Catalonia from the personal perspective of a harpist:
harmony, rhythm and color to the service of arrajaments delicate harp on is the thread. Josep-Maria Ribelles is considered one of the innovative new folk and roots music in Catalonia. Opening new doors and track, has collaborated with musicians the likes of Kepa Junkera the fire Ham, Carlos Beceiro, Efren Lopez, Carlos Benavent, Eduardo Paniagua ...


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Lola Regenthal, Öland - Song
Öland native vocalist / composer / drummer Lola Regenthal has performed and recorded with Robert Easley, Daniel Marques, Rudy Smith, Francis Coletta, among many others. Her compositions and creative output encompasses a fascinating variety, including a trio with just piano and cello; a quartet with guitar, steel pan, and cello; and a duo with bassist Jonas Tauber, which is the setting for the second cd. Her first cd, "With You" (Origin Records, Seattle) features six of her compositions. Lola Regenthal was born in Kalmar, grew up on Öland, went to music high school in Oskarshamn, has a masters in vocal pedagogy and jazz performance from the music university in Gothenburg, and lives in New York City.


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Guida Sellarè, Catalonia
"Guida Sellarès is a diatonic accordionist, song composer and music teacher an elementary school. She is currently working on the dialogue between music and traditional dance. She creates new music or recreate traditional tunes taking as an starting point the rules of each dance and make this music suggestive enough to raise the sensitivity of the dancers.
Has played with groups like Arbre de Cabra, Llimoneta or La lloca. She also plays in a dance jam session and alone when the sunrise is close and just feels the feets of dancers.
She is the coordinator of the collection of contemporany accordionist composition of the Catalan Countries "La mare dels ous"
One of the lastest projects is to enhance the musical creativity of children at elementary school.


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John Leo Carter
, Ireland
John Leo Carter är singer/songwriter från Cork, Irland. Hans mycket efterlängtade album Candyfloss girl fick en tia av tio möjliga i en recension i Irlands viktigaste musiktidning Hotpress 2004, vilket gjorde den till en av de mest uppskattade CDs det året.

Han har sedan hans debut album blivit känd för att ha utvecklat en unik musikupplevelse. Hans styrka ligger i de sätt han arrangerar sina texter och komponerar musiken och val av instrument. John Leo.s samtida textinnehåll presenteras mycket melodiskt och blir därför kontrasterande. Han har delat scen med bl.a Andy Irvine, Dervish, Paddy Casey.
John har de senaste fem åren  byggt upp yellowbox till ett konst och musikcentra. på Öland. Han har renoverat en gammal skola i Sättra, för att den ska bli en mötesplats för musiker och konstnärer.  Projektet Hemlig festival har let sedan 2009

"En man, en gitarr och hans trumma. John Leo Carter. Att vara ensam på scen och samtidigt fylla den så totalt med hjälp av sin röst, gitarr och en trumma. Det är en konst. Den konsten hanterar John.  Det är en man som vill nå fram med sin sång och beröra. Det gör han."
John O Regan, Irish Music Magazine

For further information please contact:
Phone: +46 72 3092608
E-mail: johnleocarter@hotmail.com
Website: www.myspace.com/johnleocarter and www.yellowboxyes.com

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