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Áine Whelan Press Release 2012

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Pressphoto participating 2011              ‹‹‹ Tillbaka


Juliet Turner (3,6 MB)

Lluís Molas (1,1 MB)

Enric Montsant (2,3 MB)

Mari Kalkun (3,2 MB)

John Leo Carter (1,6 MB)

Ceoltoiri Sliabh Luachra (3,2 MB)

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Secret Festival
June 29, June 30, July 1, July 2 - 2011
On the island of Öland, Sweden

Yellowbox presents this year's festival a unique music experience
The musicians participating in the project this year came from Spain (Catalonia), Italy, Ireland, Estonia and Sweden. They create a 50 minute concert. During four days of intense work the group creates a whole new "sound". Participants bring their compositions and styles of music then the group jointly experiment with new arrangements. The new group Only play four concerts bringing with them a new music experience “Sharing each other's music the concert is so fresh and full of vitality that it fills to air with harmony” when it's played on the warm summers evening.

Musicians involved in music project
Juliet Turner (Ireland), Emer Kenny (Ireland), Mari Kalkun (Estonia) Lluís Molas (Spain), Enric Montsant (Spain), David Lombardi (Italy) John Leo Carter (Ireland / Oland), Josefina Sanner (Sweden),
Gunnar Lingegard (Sweden)

Secret Places
This year's secret locations have been selected and are now planning a packed festival program in every secret place. No evening will be the same. In addition to secret festival concert, we have every night new guest artists, a fantastic location on Öland, a festive atmosphere, local food, art exhibitions. etc.

Music and dance groups from Ireland
This year we have the privilege of presenting Coiltoiri Sliabh Luachra, 22 young Irish musical talent and dancers between 14 - 19 years. They travel from Sliabh Luachra south-western Ireland. The area is known internationally for its rich music and dance tradition, where it is common practice to play the Irish harp, consertina, banjo and violin from age three. Through a collaboration between the leader areas, Leader Oland and Leader Ireland We have Made the musical exchange possible. "It's an incredible privilege to present this unique dance and music performance as part of the secret festival program," says project manager John Leo Carter.

How do you find the festival?

Instead of the festival been based in the same venue and in a place that the audience will recognize, we will organize the event at a number of locations on Öland. It will be at a different place each night. Yellowbox arranges transport ( Buses) for the audience to be driven to the chosen sites, where the audience is presented with the unique musical concept.

tel 0046(0) 723092608

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Photo: Simon Johansson

Vyvienne Long & Maria Rylander (4,9 MB)

Maria Rylander (5,9 MB)

Man Lukerz L.CChikutu (4,3 MB)

Vyvienne Long (3,8 MB)

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Photo: Simon Johansson

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Photo: Simon Johansson

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